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Feel Good (3030)
3030 - Feel Good
Our "Feel Good" design features eight raised bumps spelling out the phrase "Feel Good." In today's hectic world, we can all use a little time for ourselves at the end of a busy day! This soap brings a touch of the spa to any bathroom and can be used to massage stress away. Use as part of a relaxing shower or bath or include in a personalized gift.
Approximate Size of Bar: Weight: 1.97 ounces Length: 2.87 inches Width: 1.42 inches Height: .82 inches
Button (3029)
3029 - Button
This unique "Button" design adds a touch of whimsy and fun to your soapmaking! Try carefully using layers to make each individual ring into a different color or swirl your favorite dye into a white glycerin soap for an elegant marble look. This soap design can be matched to many different decor motifs and will bring smiles when used as a special party favor or gift!
Approximate Size of Bar: Weight: 2.21 ounces Diameter: 2.37 inches Height: .99 inches
Soap (3018)
3018 - Soap
With its appealing old-fashioned look, this "Soap" design makes an especially charming bar of soap. Featuring the word "Soap" etched on an oval shape, this design serves well as a personalized gift and adds an almost nostalgic element to your bathroom decor. Celebrate simpler times in the tub with this fun soap!
Approximate Size of Bar: Weight: 1.9 ounces Length: 3 inches Width: 1.88 inches Height: .83 inches
Love (3015)
3015 - Love
Just about everyone has a special someone or a dream of that special someone. What better way to celebrate the romantic side of life than with this elegant "Love" soap design? Featuring the word "Love" spelled out in a beautiful font, this soap makes the perfect gift for almost any romantic occasion. Use this romantic soap as a wedding, engagement, or anniversary gift, or keep for yourself as a reminder to keep the dream of romance alive!
Approximate Size of Bar: Weight: 1.84 ounces Length: 2.52 inches Width: 1.63 inches Height: .82 inches
Celtic (3007)
3007 - Celtic
The special enchantment of Ireland has captured the imaginations of writers, poets, and musicians for centuries. Now you can bring a piece of the Emerald Isle to your crafts with our "Celtic" design! A charming Celtic knot, inspired by the beauty of Ireland, makes this soap perfect for adding an Irish touch to your bathroom decor or for creating Irish-themed party favors or gifts.
Approximate Size of Bar: Weight: 1.88 ounces Length: 1.86 inches Width: 1.86 inches Height: 1.03 inches
Ergo Bar (3014)
3014 - Ergo Bar
Ergonomic soap bars are becoming all the rage in these fast-paced, often hectic times. This "Ergo Bar" features six raised bumps that can be used to massage some of that stress away. This soap design fits perfectly in the hand and goes well as part of a spa-themed gift set, or keep several in your own bathroom to help you to relax at the end of a long, hard day! Add your favorite scent for an extra special aromatherapy effect.
Approximate Size of Bar: Weight: 1.82 ounces Length: 2.72 inches Width: 1.75 inches Height: .93 inches
Organic Bar 1 (3024)
3024 - Organic Bar 1
"Organic Bar 1" is a uniquely-shaped soap that is fun to make and to use. This soap is a particularly good candidate for embedding shapes and whole ingredients.
Approximate Size of Bar: Weight: 1.82 ounces Length: 2.98 inches Width: 1.64 inches Height: .9 inches
Stacking Stars (3031)
3031 - Stacking Stars
"Stacking Stars" is a fanciful soap that is full of whimsy and fuel for imaginations everywhere. Whether complementing decor or inspiring a young cosmonaut, this soap will have you seeing stars.
Approximate Size of Bar: Weight: 1.8 ounces Diameter: 2.2 inches Height: .9 inches
Daisy (3027)
3027 - Daisy
""Daisy" is a detailed floral shape that brings nature to your bathroom. Create themed soaps with floral elements, match your decor, or simply enjoy the shape for itself. Our Daisy shape helps your soap stand out.
Approximate Size of Bar: Weight: 1.7 ounces Diameter: 2.2 inches Height: .9 inches

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