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An ELF Industrial Company

About Us

Flexus Molds, is an American soap mold company. All of our soap molds are wholly designed, tooled, and produced internally. They are indeed “Made in USA”.

We design and manufacture a variety of products including unique, high quality, flexible craft molds.We start a mold with ideas from creative people (such as you--nudge, nudge). The mold is then computer modeled in 3D. This data is then converted to computerized machine tool paths where metal molds are cut in the shape of the soap. These molds are then injected to produce the finished soap mold.

Flexus Molds

Come back often. We are adding new molds on a periodic basis. If you don’t see something you would like to see, let us know. We welcome your ideas.

Thank you for visiting our site. Feel free to browse around, unless you are up to no good.

-The Flexus Molds staff.

Full Line of Flexible Soap Molds

Flexus Molds

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